Car Finance Keyring

Car Finance: Owning That Dream Car

Car Finance KeyringThere are so many things to consider when buying a car: fuel consumption, size, longevity, second or first hand – but above and beyond all of these factors, lay the price of the car.  It’s the cost of the vehicle that determines how much you can afford which in turn will affect the type of car you’ll get if your finances allow for it at all.

Global Economy Slowdown

As the global economy slows down and interest rates rise, it is becoming more and more difficult to finance and pay for a new or 2nd hand vehicle.

How To Own That Dream Car

We’ve all at some point in our lives wondered how some people can afford driving “fancy” cars and if ever, one will get the chance to own that dream car. With all the vehicle financing options available today YOU can!

There are hundreds and thousands of institutions, corporations and banks around the world offering car loans, which is great news.

But the question is, how and when do you know that you’re being offered the RIGHT car loan and that you’re not signing your life away when accepting the loan, you know, those little things called T’s & C’s.

Higher Interest Rate

Because car finance generally comes at a relatively higher interest rate than other forms of financing, it is becoming more and more important to explore the best ways to finance your car.

Choosing The Right Financing Option

It is therefore recommended that you choose the cheapest and most cost effective method of finance for your vehicle, as your vehicle repayments will be relatively lower.

So you owe it to yourself to examine the various ways of getting a car loan to secure capital at the lowest possible rate.

The Success Of Your Car Loan Application

When applying for a car loan, its success will largely depend on your credit history and score. In most cases, a cash deposit will be required, and the bigger it is, the better your chances of getting approved for the loan.

Home Remortgaging

9 Reasons Why You May Consider Remortgaging

Home Remortgaging1. You can get a lower rate

  • One in 5 home loan customers pays over the probabilities by remaining on the Investor’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR).
  • This is generally 2% greater than the most competitive brand-new offers readily available on the marketplace.
  • If your regular monthly payment was $1,596.10 or £1000 on the SVR of 7.5%, you can conserve virtually £170 a month by remortgaging to a more competitive 5.5% offer.

2. You can select a more protected offer.

  • You could also think about remortgaging to a set rate if you are on a variable rate and interest rates increase.
  • This anchors your month-to-month repayments down to a set level, so you can be rest assured you will not pay more when interest rates increase.

3. You will have the ability to make house improvements

  • Extending a home, refurbishing a kitchen area or washroom or accomplishing a loft space conversion can cost around $31,896 or £20,000 to the value of a home.
  • Lots of home loan investors provide unique rates to property owners who wish to remortgage to make house improvements, and some enable you to obtain even more cash than normal for this function.
  • Look out for home mortgage investors providing unique reduced rates for individuals with this particular concept in mind if you are looking to enhance add value to your house.

4. You can discover a flexible home mortgage

  • Versatile functions, such as the capability to pay just a little quantity of cash at a time, overpay and take repayment breaks, can be really beneficial.
  • A versatile arrangement implies you can pay your home mortgage off in a way that suits your financial lifestyle.
  • Examples: If your earnings has actually gone up and you desire to pay off your home mortgage early, or you are taking a profession break to look after your kids.

5. You can incorporate your financial obligations

  • You might lower your regular monthly repayments by incorporating your financial obligations into your home mortgage if you have a lot of credit card and loan financial obligations. Since the interest rate on a home mortgage is frequently around 10% lower than the interest rate on a credit card.
  • Caution, adding these financial obligations to your home loan might likewise cost you more in the long run.

6. You can get cash to purchase a rental home

  • If you think there is a revenue to be made in home financial investments, you might enhance the size of your present home loan and make use of the additional money to put down a deposit on a buy-to-rent endeavor.
  • You can conversely offer your residence and gain back approximately 95% of your house’s value and then afterwards go on and buy 2 houses one for rental and one for living in.
  • Always remember, ending up being a property manager is an intricate procedure and there are dangers involved.

7. You will assist your children onto the property ladder

  • Residence rates in lots of parts of the UK and America have actually trebled over the previous 10 years.
  • This leaves numerous young purchasers today struggling to buy their first house.
  • You can liquidate a few of your equity from your house and assist your household economically by remortgaging.

8. You can raise some cash

  • You could desire some money to fund a pricy acquisition.
  • Bear in mind that with a home mortgage you are putting your house at threat if you fall short to satisfy the repayments, so do not overdo yourself.

9. You can get a much better service

  • Move on if you’re present investor isn’t really keeping you delighted or the service isn’t really up to scratch.
  • Keep in mind, banks intend to optimize their revenues while constructing societies are more thinking about offering the very best service to their members.
Debt Consolidation puzzle

4 Benefits Of A Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation puzzleA debt consolidation loan is taken out to secure lower interest rates, a taken care of interest rate or for the benefit of servicing just one loan. Bottom line, it’s the merging of all your existing financial obligations into one huge loan with a potentially lower interest rate.

Due to the fact that of the advantages and benefits these loans have to provide, lots of South Africans turn to Debt Consolidation Loans. Let’s talk about a few of the possible advantages.


1.)Lower Rate of interest: Among the more appealing perks of combining your financial obligations.

2.)Lower Regular monthly Repayments: A Debt Consolidation Loan permits you to decrease your regular monthly repayment each month. Not just does it lower your interest rates, but also the quantity of cash you need to pay each month in finance charges, benefits charges, and many other concealed expenses end up being substantially lower.

3.)The Benefit of Taking care of a Single Lender: Regulating your financial resources is a lot easier, due to the fact that you’ll be taking care of just one lender and making simply one regular monthly repayment to that lender.

4.)When taking out a debt consolidation loan, you normally take out a 2nd or 3rd home loan. The interest paid on that home loan can be used as a tax write-off. Interest paid on those high interest credit cards in your pocketbook, nevertheless, is like purging cash down the drain, and in these cases people can benefit with tax savings.

Final Step:

If you have actually chosen the option to go ahead and reap the benefits that debt consolidation has to offer, your initial 1st step must be to discover a loan provider who you can deal with and assist you in gaining debt freedom.

Apply for a loan

When Applying For A Personal Loan Makes Financial Sense

Consider applying for a loanToo much debt is a bad thing , however there are times when you may need to take on more debt. The question is often raised , when should I consider applying for a personal loan? As a rule of thumb you should only contemplate a personal loan in emergency situations. These are a few of the scenarios when it makes financial sense to take out a personal loan:

Unexpected Medical Expenses

You are faced with unexpected medical expenses and your medical cover won’t cover all the cost. You should then look at taking out a personal loan to cover these emergency medical cost. Your health is too important to take chances and if your are short of cash then take a personal loan , but never take chances with your health.


Your are faced with rising educational expenses and just can’t pay these out of your monthly income. Taking out a personal loan in this case would be a viable option. Education is an investment that will pay off in the long run – don’t be afraid to finance education through a personal loan.

Vehicle Repairs

Your car needs repairs and you just don’t have enough resources to to cover the costs. Without transport you cannot function – unfortunately we don’t have reliable public transport in South Africa and a running vehicle is a necessity. Vehicle repairs can be quite steep especially when the warranty has expired – not many people can fund these costs out of their monthly budget and still make ends meet. Often taking out a personal loan is the only option available.

Debt Consolidation

You have a number of small debts that you are paying off every month some of them at exorbitant rates of interest. If you can secure a personal loan at a lower cost it makes sense to consolidate all you debt via a personal loan. You will then only have one payment to make and the total payment will be lower than your previous repayments.

Emergency Situations

Life often presents you with emergency situations and often the only way you can deal with the problem is by applying for a personal loan. These can range from family emergencies or helping a friend in need.


These are some of the instances when it makes sense to apply for a personal loan to help you through a difficult situation. Never take out a personal loan to cover luxuries , day to day living expenses , deposit for a vehicle or to finance a vehicle.  If you need vehicle finance you should rather look at some of the tailor made packages provided by banks and vehicle finance companies.

When you do take out a personal loan , always try and settle the debt sooner especially if there are no early settlement penalties.

Transfer home equity

Transfer the Equity of your Home at a Great Rate

Transfer home equityA home can likewise end up being a bane if it is not made use of to its capacity. and If a home is collectively had, then it might become an issue.

Meaning, the individual who is leaving the home will be paid with a settlement. If the home has a home mortgage on it, then the individual leaving the home will not have to stress or be accountable for any type of home mortgage related obligations. If a factor to consider is to be paid, then the funds are normally lent versus the home by either sending an application for a 2nd home loan on the home or by remortgaging the home.

Handing The Home Over As Inheritance

The transfer of equity is likewise essential when the owner of the home desires to hand over the home as inheritance to his kids however likewise desires to prevent paying the Inheritance tax. The Inheritance tax is 40 percent of the home value which is a big quantity at the end of the day.

If ownership is transferred to the heir, then it’s much easier to avoid paying more money to the government. By forcing Inheritance tax on citizens the government makes lot’s of money, about over three million pounds.

The Process

Transferring equity is easy and only requires a simple document, the Transfer Deed (TR1). It’s prepared by a lawyer who takes care of ownership transfer. The document needs to be co-signed by the people who own the mortgage and needs to be witnessed individually for the 2 parties.

The finalizing serves just one purpose, to eliminate the name of the individual who is leaving the home or is being getting rid of. If there is a home loan provider, then required paper will be drawn up for them for the loan application, for the purpose to acknowledge that it is to be paid to the individual that is getting rid of the home. The loan quantity, as pointed out in the past, will be accumulated by remortgaging or launching equity on the home.

After the transfer deed is finished by both celebrations and has been overseen properly, the formalities of the transfer is done.

Getting a Quote For The Transfer Of Equity

You can get a quote for the transfer of equity online. Pick from the very best companies to deal with, so that you do not need to pay too much to obtain the documents done.

Personal Loan Application Form

How to Qualify For a Personal Loan

Personal Loan Application FormQualifying for a personal loan these days is becoming harder for applicants, with tougher economic conditions and tighter lending criteria imposed by most lenders makes it increasingly difficult to secure a personal loan. Lenders are naturally concerned that the average consumer/lender is over-indebted. Banks and lenders are becoming tougher in their credit scoring. Here are some ideas on how you can be sure that you still qualify for a personal loan in this tighter lending environment,

  • Compile a detailed budget listing all your income and expenditure, be thorough and rather be on the side of caution. Is there any scope for repaying off another personal loan? If it looks tight now, chances are that the banks/lenders will reject your application.
  • If you have applied for lots of credit recently it will be reflected on your credit profile, this will raise alarm bells with most lenders and impact negatively on your credit scoring.
  • Check out your credit profile at the credit bureaus, if you have judgements or adverse listings – you will not be able to qualify for that personal loan. You will need to clean up these adverse listings and possible wait a few months before applying for a personal loan.
  • Ensure that you have all the relevant documentation when applying for a loan, you will need the following documents when applying, identity document, latest pay slip, bank statements and proof of residence. Some banks and lenders may require less or more documentation, dependent on their internal credit criteria.
  • You need to be permanently employed, if you are on contract or only work part-time, chances are you won’t qualify for a personal loan.

Having all these points checked will make you chances of qualifying for a personal loan a lot easier , however not all lenders have the same credit criteria so if you are unsuccessful at one institution , you may succeed at another institution. Be careful of applying all over town as this will show on your credit profile and will negatively impact your credit score.

if you are desperate you may be tempted to accept a loan from lenders who charge very high interest rates , this can cause even more financial distress down the road and we would advise you to rather do without the personal loan. Loan shark type personal loans are never a great idea and you will struggle to pay them off.

You can apply online using a secure online application form. All lenders are NCR approved and provide ethical transparent personal loans without any hidden offerings or charges.

Guide to Home Loans

Home Loans: An Easy To Follow Guide To Help You Make The Right Decision

Guide to Home LoansHome Loans

The decision to buy a first home can be one of the most exciting and nerve wracking moments of your life. Taking that first step on the property ladder is considered a rite of passage, and one taken very seriously, especially in South Africa. For most people, owning their own home is a matter of pride, it also brings a sense of security and belonging within the community. Having a place to call your own, with the freedom to make any alterations or improvements you wish to make, is a huge motivator for any first time buyer.

Financially, buying a home can be an intelligent investment, particularly when faced with the alternative; paying exorbitant rent; which is tantamount to literally throwing money away. With a fluctuating property market, a homeowner who has made a smart purchase could find themselves with a new avenue to create wealth.

With financial commitment, also comes financial stress. Before you decide to buy, it’s extremely important to appraise your fiscal situation. The first step is to work out how much you can realistically afford as a monthly payment, the second step is to approach your bank and get some professional advice. Your personal life is also a factor to consider; is your job likely to change? Are you about to start a family? Will you have the time and energy you need to devote to this endeavour?

Choosing the right Home Loan

To find the right loan to suit your needs, it’s good practice to shop around and arm yourself with options. Decide on whether you want a fixed rate loan or a flexible interest rate; ask about possible charges connected with the loan,such as early repayment fees, bank legal fees and bank architect fees; and find out if extra financing is available for household essentials, like furniture, and domestic appliances.


Combining a home loan with your existing overdraft and debit cards might help to lower the amount of interest you’re charged on the total amount borrowed; effectively helping you to increase your savings. Combining your loans could help you simplify your money management and reduce your headaches.

First-time buyers

First time buyers are not the only candidates for a home loan, current home owners may wish to take advantage of a loan in order to make home improvements or build that longed for swimming pool. Adding an extension to a property can help to increase its value and keeping a house well maintained is money well spent.

Buying a second home

It might be the right time for that second, summer home, you’ve been dreaming about, or perhaps your dream is to find a plot of land and build your ideal, eco- friendly living space; maybe your new residence is in shell form and needs your own special finishing touches. Loans are available to help you achieve all this and more, and managed correctly, the right loan shouldn’t weigh you down.

Expecting a newborn

For some, a new baby means a need for more space; up-grading is the next logical step for a growing family. Selling your first house, in order to buy a more spacious one, comes with a whole new set of possible stress factors,it’s important, and rewarding, to establish a solid relationship with your bank so that they can help you every step of the way.


Whatever the case may be, the right home financing package can, and should, be tailor made for you. Take your time, look at what’s on offer, make an informed decision; then take a deep breath, and start making your money work as hard for you as you have worked for your money.